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UV Tanning

Stand Up Sunbeds  

Our vertical tanning units are from the market leaders in vertical tanning technology, Alisun. They offer a convenient, fast and hygienic tanning service. These are ideal for those tanners with little time on their hands but want to build a beautiful and deep tan. Each bed is equipped with music and provides a very efficient air cooling system including vented floors, centre piece fans and over head fans.


Laydown Sunbeds  

We use Ergoline 990 Prestige and Ergoline 660 Dynamic Power sunbeds with 160watt tubes to provide a luxurious and relaxing tanning service. Ideal for those of us who want to pamper ourselves and dream of far flung shores! All our beds are fitted with 4 x 500w facial units and full body length tubes. Each bed is equipped with music and one of the very best integrated cooling systems to help prevent perspiration.


Salon Management  

Our sunbeds are controlled by a state of the art salon management system which eliminates the need for tokens and enables us to provide superior customer service and improved customer safety. The Suntan Shop has probably one of the best 'lamp policys' around, we guarantee that we will re-tube our sunbeds at 75% of the manufacturers recommended operating hours. What this means to you is that you are guaranteed the best possible tanning session each and every time you enter our salon!